Why did I start this blog?

In many ways, Croatia is like a diamond….It has a small polished side that in my view has been overexposed. But the rough and unpolished side is the one that I love to bring to your attention.

You will not find many reports about the Croatian coast and some of the main tourist highlights. Even though they are equally beautiful.

I want to share with you those lost pieces of paradise that you can practically find in thousands of places in this amazing country. They are underrated, hardly ever visited, and every so often surprisingly in easy reach. So many times I had the place just for myself when I experience those glorious Autumn mornings just before the sunrise.

I love the share, I love to take pictures, I love to write, I love to give things for free.
Most of all I love Croatia.

I noticed my love relationship with this country has been deepening itself over the last 8 years since we have moved here.

It is a high quality of life, the fresh air, the astonishing nature, the great culture, the many friends we made over the years.

But most of all it is a photographers paradise. One never needs to drive very far to discover yet another great point of view.

It is the unique combination of rough and unspoiled nature and the human interaction in the landscape like this cattle of sheep, the wooden stable, or the old house that fit so well in the landscape picture. I can never get enough of that. I need at least four more lives to discover all that beauty in Croatia.

Over the years I visited so many spots and always wondered why there is hardly anything available on the internet about those spots. Now that we have google maps some more pictures and reviews about those places started to come in. But still in very low numbers.

Even the beautiful spots itself will make the occasional explorer wonder… why are there no signs, why are there no provisions, why are there no other people.

I am not afraid to share some of my best locations and hidden secrets (and some I will keep to myself). It will not be overrun by busloads of tourists. There are just too many of them. Furthermore, those places are for those whose main focus is on seeing, experiencing and capturing beauty off the beaten tracks.

Croatia is one of the most searched for worldly destinations. And still, there is very little knowledge about all those jewels and diamonds that lay hidden in 95 per cent of the country that attracts only 2 per cent of the annual visitors.

So if you visit my site to find out more about the great dalmatian coast I will leave you wondering. This is all about a paradise that only a few have seen and want to discover. The Croats themselves take it mostly for granted. I am still that Dutchman coming from a so-called “developed” country where there is no more wild nature and wild forests. In Western Europe, you will always need to share that piece of nature with crowds of other people. Not so in Croatia.

This website will also offer you some gastronomic tips, places for hiking, photo tips and some reports about the Croatian lifestyle and the live me and my family live in this paradise called Croatia.

Thanks for visiting, feel free to comment.

Pozdrav! René

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