National Park Krka: Kistanje

The monastery in Kistanje
National park Krka is by far my favourite National Park in Croatia. It is rich in diversity, nature, cultural heritage and fascinating landscape.
In this series, I will take you to many of the breathtaking locations in the National Park Krka and some even outside the borders of the NP like some interesting places in Knin and Drnis.

I am amazed by the progress this park has seen over the last ten years. Many fantastic investments have been done to make the park more accessible. There are new bicycle routes, walking trails, pick-nick places, overlooks, education centres and safety precautions on many of the locations. Keeping in mind that is area suffered severe damage during the last civil war we can only be grateful for the many efforts the board of the NP Krka did to make this Croatia’s number 1 travel destination.

The great thing about the National Park Krka is that even in high season you can avoid the crowds to take your car and make the 70-kilometre loop around the park. There are dozens of places where you can enjoy the magnificent sights of the river Krka and the waterfalls. Some require a bit of walking but nothing really demanding. Many places you can visit for free. A few places require a day ticket which price varies by the time of the season you plan your visit.

The Krka monastery is a very peaceful place. There is an artificial lake and donkeys roam around freely on the meadows around the monastery. You need to pay an entrance fee to be able to visit this place or buy the Krka day ticket.

   Take a walk:
You can take the half an hour round walk around the lake. It is easy and the paths are well maintained. The only disadvantage is the many bushes that block the view on the lake and the monastery. But enjoy the birds, the trees, the calm water of Krka and your day out in wonderful nature.

   Photo tip: 
Your best chance to take a great picture of this place is to choose the same viewpoint as I did. About 300 metres before the entrance is a brand new picnic place that gives a great overview of the area. Try early morning with some occasional fog or late afternoon with some warm coloured layers.

   Take a break:
There is no restaurant or café at the monastery. Bring your own food and drinks.
In Kistanje are a café and a bakery

Please make sure to take at least three days if you want to see all the beautiful sights of Krka and take time for a swim!

In the coming months, I will post more on this great National Park.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget that a paradise on earth still exists… It is called Croatia!

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