Veliki Tabor castle

This is the castle of Veliki Tabor. Remember the right picture always starts in your head. I had this picture in mind for some time. Most important is to find the right location. I was lucky to find it on a hilltop 3 kilometres away from the castle.

Zagorje is famous for its many rolling hills. Therefore it is a photographers paradise. The mist adds great flavour to this picture and due to late October sunrise, I was still able to shoot the picture straight into the sun. Just imagine this picture without the castle… It would have been ok but a bit boring. Great landscape pictures should attract the eye to some point of interest in the picture. That is what this picture has to offer.

   Did you know: 
Zagorje has the highest density of castles and ruins in all of Europe. The most beautiful one is Trakoscan.

   Take a break: 
The Vuglec Breg restaurant is a great place for a relaxing break.

    Travel tip:
Cross the border to Slovenia after your visit at Veliki Tabor. The area around Rogaska Slatina offers great opportunities for hiking and photography. You will love it!

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