My best winter images

    Photo tips:
Wintertime is a very special time in Croatia. For the last two years, we did not have any serious amounts of snow. But 2021 started really well with more than 12 days of snow so far.
Everyone who tried snow photography came to the conclusion (or should I say illusion) that taking pictures of such scenery is far from easy. Why exactly? Because your camera is overwhelmed by the amount of light that the snow reflects. That is something that you really have to take into account. You need to manipulate the lighting a bit and preferably take at least two or three images of the same scenery with different apertures.

The best opportunities you will get when the weather is half cloudy. The diffuse light will still bring some warm colours to the mostly black and white landscape but not too much so your pictures get overexposed. The picture with the man carrying the basket to his barn is my best example of this kind of diffuse light. It was just a matter of seconds and then the sun was gone again. But as you can see the sun created the so much needed soft touch to this image and a fairytale atmosphere.

Try to avoid the kind of landscape with a lot of barren trees. That means if there is now snow on the branches. The difference between the black and brown trees and the white layers of snow is too much for your camera to handle. Besides, the result will be very disappointing. Make sure that you shoot your images the morning after the snow fell. The snow is still fresh without any traces of cars and animals. All these 13 pictures in this gallery have one thing in common. The landscape does not just have snow on the ground but all the trees and other objects have snow on them.  Rooftops, churches, bridges and even ugly bushes become so much more interesting when they are dressed with a soft layer of snow.

As for almost all your photography, your best pictures will be taken before and just after sunrise. Picture three shows the castle of Bosiljevo. Taken 40 minutes after sunrise. The warm light created by the oblique position of the sun adds great interest to this image.

Churches and chapels in a snowy landscape are one of my favourite subjects. A while ago I asked the parish clerk if he would be willing to switch on the lights in the church after a fresh snow shower. It added so much more atmosphere tot my image. The picture of the old little chapel in the forest was taken one hour after sunset. There was a bright moon and I laid my cell phone in the window opening just to have a little light that would attract the eye and give some more variety in this picture.

Parking your car is very difficult when there is a lot of snow. So make sure you leave in time as you probably need some more time to walk to your favourite subject.

I really advise you to wear proper water-resistant shoes and insulation underwear. I usually have the thermos with me to treat myself on some hot tea after my photo session.

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Warm winter greetings from Croatia!

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