Thank you for visiting my website. Everything waits to be noticed. The beauty of creation is all around us. The photographer is there, at the right place, at the right moment, waiting in awe for the right light to appear. This is our journey in the world. When we finally find the place in our hearts everything comes to life when the light of The Creator touches us and we transform into His beauty.

My name is René Pronk. Since 2013 I have been living in Croatia. I studied photography from 2002 to 2008 at the Academy of Arts in St.Niklaas, Belgium. I was born and raised in the Netherlands where I used to work as a pastoral and social worker.

A few years ago I decided not to take part in contests and competitions anymore. I felt that those competitions didn’t stir up the creativity and rewards that I found complementary to my photography. So on this page, you will not find “impressive” charts of prices and trophies. I am not a trophy hunter. My biggest reward is your appreciation of my work and constructive criticism on how to further improve.


Pronkpictures belongs to Pronkusluge d.o.o.
Office:                 Pribanjci 40C – 47251 – Pribanjci – Bosiljevo – Croatia
Phone:                +385 97 7 115 363 (René)
Mail:                    info@pronkpictures.com
OIB:                     548 727 146 62
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You can visit our photo gallery in the village of Pribanjci.
We are five minutes from the Zagreb-Rijeka highway exit Bosiljevo 1.
Please call us for an appointment.

Pribanjci 40 C

47251 Pribanjci – Bosiljevo – Croatia
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If you have any special wishes or you live in Croatia and want a high-quality print from the B-Nula studio please contact me:
An original digital jpeg high-quality file can be purchased online. The price for one picture is € 20,00.


Nov. 2015: “OLD” / School of Modern Art, Zagreb, Croatia.
May. 2016: “Images of Life” / Ethnographic Museum, Zagreb, Croatia.
June. 2018: “Landscapes” Dom Zupancic, Vinica, Slovenia.

Upcoming exhibitions:

“Croatia in my heart” – book and exhibition