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Wooden churches of Pokupsko

A day tour by car in the countryside….

Wooden churches are not only found in Scandinavia. In the wider area of Velika Gorica you will find some very interesting places. Enjoy this beautiful day trip to areas very sparsely visited by tourists.From Velika Gorica you head into the hilly hinterland where the Kupa river meanders wonderfully. Here and there you can still see a little bit of war damage. But mostly nice, beautiful old wooden houses in a predominantly forested and pastoral landscape. The churches that you are going to see are all around the town of Pokupsko. That is approximately 32 kilometres from Velika Gorica. In Velika Gorica there are many shops and places to eat.

The beautiful wooden church just outside Velika Gorica, near the old airport. On the main road of Ivana Pavla 2.

  1. Roman excavation: 
    This is an interesting excavation of an old Roman village. Not far from the new airport in the village of Scitarjevo. In this town, there is a bakery where you can buy some snacks. You will not encounter anything else to eat along the way.
  2. Lucelnica:
    The wooden church of the Holy Trinity in this tiny village can be reached after a short 35 km drive.
  3. Gustelnica:
    In the centre of this village, there is also a beautiful wooden church of Saint Antun.
  4. Lukinic Brdo: 
    After another 8 kilometres, you will find the church of Sveti Ivana in a beautiful position with a view.
  5. Gladovec Pokupski: 
    Drive less than 8 kilometres to this village and there is the church of the Holy Trinity.
  6. Lijevi Stefanki: 
    In the centre of this village, you will again find a wooden church. Actually more of a chapel.
  7. Dvoranci: 
    The last church on this ride.You are at the end of your drive in the region of Pokupsko where most of the wooden churches in Croatia are found. In the town of Pokupsko you can settle down for a cup of coffee and there are a gas station and a small supermarket. You end the ride by driving back to Velika Gorica, (Velika Mlaka) where the most beautiful wooden church is.
    If you want to have a taste of eco-park Kras, you can drive towards Pisarovina. In Pisarovina there are also two dining options. The Kras park is not very special, but you can take a nice walk, have a drink and enjoy the ponds.
    Would you rather stretch your legs after this tour without having to do a lot of climbing? In the village of Lijevo Sredičko there are short walking routes to the Kupa River and there is a café.

    Velika Mlaka
    The endpoint of the route with the most beautiful and largest wooden church. Have a wonderful day in the countryside!