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A wonderful Christmas village

Božićna priča Salajland

Welcome to my new weekly blog about the beautiful hidden treasures in Croatia. So much to see, so much to discover in Croatia.

This time It’s like to take you to an area of Croatia where hardly any tourists go. It is about a 45 minutes drive from Zagreb.

It is the homestead of the family Salaj just outside the town of Cazma. A wonderful place as an all-season destination. But especially in the month of December when the place is illuminated with more than 5 million Christmas lights and plenty of beautiful Christmas decoration. My son loved this place and was overwhelmed by the atmosphere. You need at least two hours to see it all. There is also an old watermill and a wooden historical house. During weekends the Salaj family offers their homemade treats. There are also several food stands offering hot drinks, sausages and pizza. Combine your trip to Europe’s best Christmas market in Zagreb with an evening to this truly beautiful place.

   Take a break:
There are several restaurants, coffee bars, bakeries and grocery stores in the town of Cazma. Just a three-minute drive from the Christmas village. Make sure to also visit the town square of Cazma in wintertime. It is beautifully decorated as well. Free parking spaces on spot.

    Photo tip: 
Your best opportunity to photograph this unique Christmas village is with snow conditions. But even when there is no snow ( in my case) you can still take some interesting pictures. Make use of the blue hour, that is the first half an hour after sunset. You will see that wonderful blue coloured sky in your pictures. Make sure to take a tripod and do nu use the fully automatic mode on your camera to prevent from blurry pictures. If you do not take a tripod with you then use a high iso in order to still take pictures manually.